Pastor Mike’s Corner

Hello from Pastor Mike!

Hello: I am Pastor Michael Millum (you can call me Pastor Mike). I don’t know what you may have heard about me.  If it was something good, I will do my best to live up to the advanced billing.  I have been in full-time ministry for nearly 30 years, ten of them as a United Methodist pastor, and the remaining nearly 20 as an ELCA pastor.  The story of my migration from the UMC to the ELCA is too involved to get into in this format. For the past nearly 16 years I have served as the pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Torrington, CT.  Originally, though I am from San Diego, CA.  Growing up, I never envisioned myself living in the frozen tundra of the northeast.  In fact, growing up, when I would hear weather reports on the news about the minus 20 degree temperatures with wind chill, I thought to myself, “You’d have to be crazy to live in a place that gets that cold”.  It was a cruel twist of fate then that I would meet and fall in love with a girl from New England and spend the last 20 years shivering from November through January. .


My wife, Deborah (she goes by Deb) is an attorney who works for an insurance company called RLI, with an office here in Atlanta.  We have three sons, Drew, 23, Keith, nearly 21, an Trent 19.  Drew graduated college this past December and is beginning the next chapter of his young life in Nashville, TN.  He moved there just recently. Like me he is not a fan of the New England weather.  Keith is a senior at Merrimack College in MA and should graduate in May. Trent is a sophomore at Susquehanna University in PA. Drew lives close enough that we hope he will be a frequent visitor.  The other two will be down on longer school breaks and you may have the opportunity to meet them then.


As your pastor, I come with the goal of getting to know your congregation, and providing some stability with worship, and the various ministries and programs of the congregation.  You’ve been through this recently enough that you know how this works.  But for the year I am with you, I’m your guy.  I will  be here to visit, especially the homebound in the congregation, and provide pastoral care for the sick and the dying, and spiritual nourishment through God’s Word and sacrament.  I am excited to meet you and do whatever I can to facilitate the call process as you look to call a full-time, settled pastor.  I’m excited! Eager! And I thank you for this opportunity.  God’s blessings as we journey together through this next year!


Pastor Mike