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In our everyday lives we spend a great deal of time and energy on looking ahead. It is important to be prepared for what’s coming up. When in the car, our eyes are looking at the road in front of us. Our Calendars are viewed and re-viewed, preparing for the future.

Here at Amazing Grace I’ve been spending some time in extended conversation with our leadership about where we’re headed as a congregation. To not ask this question is to accept whatever future comes. To raise the question allows us to prepare and be intentional about our future.  So we talked, reflected, and even disagreed some on what important steps need to be taken for us to be a more vital congregation. But over much time, discussion and prayer, certain areas rose to the surface and consensus was gained. Generated by the Mutual Ministry team*, then upon approval by the council, here are the four priorities for ministry:

1)  Youth

2)  Membership Growth and Retention

3)  Membership Engagement and Small Groups

4)  Outreach

As you read this list, what were you thinking? Did certain things come to mind? Did you find yourself asking questions? Admittedly they are broad categories. But the next step is to talk about these categories and make plans to address them.

We (the council, mutual ministry team, and myself) want to talk about this list with you. We want to bring the rest of the congregation into this conversation.  We want to hear your thoughts and reflections. But most of all we want to know how you’re willing to lend a hand in addressing these priorities.

The initial discussion will take place on Sunday, August 11th @ 10:00 am in the sanctuary. Please make plans to attend.

We always need to be moving forward. With God there is always something on the horizon or around the corner. It’s exciting and fun to live in God’s  grace and blessings. There’s always something coming up, the next thing. As we anticipate, look forward to that next thing, it is important that you’re a part of the discussion.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Jason Talsness

* The Mutual Ministry committee consists of Richard Lee, David Berfield, Jacob Crowe, Rick Upton, Wayne Linke, Tracie Crowe, Pastor Jason and Rudy Beilfuss.



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