Pastor Michael Millum

I have been in full-time ministry for nearly 30 years, ten of them as a United Methodist pastor, and the remaining nearly 20 as an ELCA pastor.  For the past nearly 16 years I have served as the pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Torrington, CT.  My wife, Deborah (she goes by Deb) is an attorney who works for an insurance company called RLI, with an office here in Atlanta.  We have three sons, Drew, 23, Keith, nearly 21, an Trent 19.

As your  pastor, I come with the goal of getting to know your congregation, and providing some stability with worship, and the various ministries and programs of the congregation.  You’ve been through this recently enough that you know how this works.  But for the year I am with you, I’m your guy.  I will  be here to visit, especially the homebound in the congregation, and provide pastoral care for the sick and the dying, and spiritual nourishment through God’s Word and sacrament.  I am excited to meet you and do whatever I can to facilitate the call process as you look to call a full-time, settled pastor.  I’m excited! Eager! And I thank you for this opportunity.  God’s blessings as we journey together through this next year!


Director of Music – Lois Simon

Lois began her musical training as a piano student and a French horn player.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Arizona.  Previous to her joining the Amazing Grace family, she was a middle school band and chorus teacher.

Lois began singing in college, still studies voice and has sung in and around Atlanta with the DeKalb Choral Guild, Lutheran Chorale, Sacre Voci, and the William Baker Summer Singers.

Lois has served as the Music Director at Amazing Grace since 1996. She has channeled God’s word with voices and varied instrumentation through many different musical styles ranging from bluegrass, rock, jazz, gospel, mariachi, Appalachian, and Sacred Harp to brass choir, wind ensemble, and string quartet.

Lois, a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, also teaches piano lessons and maintains a large piano studio in Lawrenceville. Lois maintains membership in the American Choral Directors’ Association, the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, Georgia Music Teachers’ Association, and is past president of the Gwinnett County Music Teachers’ Association.

Charles Anschuetz New Organist.JPG

Organist and Pianist – Charles Anschuetz 

It is a blessing from God that after all the years of being Lutheran, I am finally able to minister in a Lutheran setting. I was born and raised in Orlando, Fl., and attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland and then attended the University of Oklahoma. It was while I was in Oklahoma that I became Lutheran. One Sunday I visited the University Lutheran Chapel on the campus, and have been Lutheran ever since. The Chapel was a student organization and was Missouri Synod during the years I attended there. In the Nineties, the congregation voted to make the change to ELCA and to become a Church. It was the richest experience of my life.

After graduation, I worked for the Presbyterians, the Roman Catholics, and the Episcopalians. I learned that one goes where God has a work to accomplish through you. Now, I am with the Lutherans, and happy to be here.