About Us

Amazing Grace has been proclaiming the grace of God in Gwinnet County since 1986. Our church is a reflection of the area: a blending of people from various backgrounds and different walks of life.  We are not a mega-church.  If you are looking for a mega-church, there are plenty to chose from in the Atlanta area. Instead, we are a neighborhood church that values intimacy and warmth in worship and prides itself on being welcoming.

Amazing Grace has a way of attracting people who have had negative experiences with Christianity and The Church.  We know the pain and scars many carry as a result of having been hurt by misguided Christians.  So at the heart of our identity as a church is the love of Christ rather than a set of rules or prescribed way of behavior.

We believe a person doesn’t have to check their brain at the door when they enter our church. Amazing Grace is a church that encourages questions and searching, understanding these to be signs of growing faith, looking to the ancient truths of scripture for guidance in the world today.